The Conversation Project® is a public engagement initiative with a goal that is both simple and transformative: to help everyone talk about their wishes for care through the end of life, so those wishes can be understood and respected.

An organization dedicated to improving care, expanding options and empowering everyone to chart their end-of-life journey.

End of Life Choices Oregon provides personal support and information regarding Death with Dignity (DWD) and other legal end of life options to Oregonians facing end of life decisions, to the medical community and to the public.

This form may be used in Oregon to choose a person to make health care decisions for you if you become too sick to speak for yourself. This form also allows you to express your values and beliefs with respect to health care decisions and your preferences for health care.

Assistance with Advance Care Planning (for Oregon, Washington, & Alaska)

A collection of readings and ceremony templates to help you envision what might be possible.

VSED Resources Northwest seeks to increase community awareness of Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED, pronounced vee-sed) as an end-of-life choice, and to further its availability and access.